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What soccer net is right for my soccer goal, training frame or rebounder?

This question has a few variables to make note of. You will need to know the Height (H), Length (L), Depth (D) and Base (B) dimensions before placing your order. Take note that not all soccer goals have Depth (D). Training frames and rebounders only have Height (H) and Length (L) dimensions.

  • Full size soccer nets always measure 8'H x 24'L but differ in depth (D) and base (B).

What is soccer net mesh and why does it differ?

Soccer net mesh is the size of the individual squares that make up a net. The smaller the squares (tighter the mesh) the more rope is used. Depending on the size of the rope and its material, this can mean a more expensive, higher quality net.

  • 120mm (equal to 4.72441 inches) wide mesh is typical.
  • Hex mesh has 6 sides instead of the traditional square that has 4.
  • Entrapment prevention playground safety standards requires mesh to be 3.5 inches or smaller.

Kwik Goal Soccer Goal Nets.

Here is a cheat sheet to find the Kwik Goal Net SKU that will fit your goal.

8'H x 24'W x 4'D x 10'B:

  • SQSN-4W
  • IN-8410
  • 3B6012

8'H x 24'W x 3'D x 8.5'B:

  • 3B1121
  • 3B6826
  • 3B2162
  • 3B1621
  • 0050A

8'H x 24'W x 6'D x 6'B:

  • 3B15

8'H x 24'W x 3'D x 4.5'B:

  • 3B5921

8'H x 24'W x 0'D x 7.5'B:

  • 3B7226

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