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Soccer Net Accessories

Keep your soccer nets secure to your frame or goal with bungee fasteners, net fasteners, net clips, tamper resistant net clips and pegs. Net support straps keep the net from sagging. Soccer net storage bags help keep nets organized and easy to transport.

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What net accessories are right for your soccer goal or training frame?

Net Clips:

  • Your goal must have a net track system.
  • Plastic horseshoe style clip that straddle the net then clip into channel.
  • Match same brand of clips with your brand of goal.
  • One pack of 100 net clips will secure one full size 8' x 24' soccer goal.

Tamper Resistant Net Clips:

  • Secure nets to any Kwik Goal soccer goal containing Kwik lock net system.
  • Deter theft and tampering.
  • Creates nice clean look!

Bungee Fasteners:

  • Bungee net fasteners secures nets to any soccer goal or frame.
  • Plastic nob and elastic looped cord make attachment quick.
  • You will need to know the diameter of your goal post to insure selecting the proper size.

Net Attachment Straps:

  • Polyester hook and loop material.
  • Pre-assembled and cut.

Net Fastener Roll:

  • Reusable two-sided velcro that attach net to goal or frame.
  • Net fastener can be cut into lengths to fit any soccer goal.
  • Very useful item so be sure you buy enough!

Net Pegs:

  • Net pegs secure a soccer net to the ground when back bottom bar attachment is not available.
  • For natural surface only.
  • Great for securing pop up style goals.

Net Support Strap:

  • Use to hoist up the back of the net.
  • Attaches to the backstays with a carabiner clip and adjusts with a buckle.
  • Provides clean professional look

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