Shipping Information

Our Warehouse

We ship from multiple locations all over the United States.

Shipping Services

We primarily use United Parcel Service (UPS) and Federal Express (FedEx) - or - United States Postal Service (USPS). For Trucking, there are quite a few carriers we have access too but that depends on where you live in the country.

Meeting Your Expectations

Open Yard, LLC reserves the right to use a shipping service other than the one you selected for your purchase. While we generally will use the service you selected, in some cases, we may use a comparable service. For example, FedEx two-day instead of UPS two-day and in some cases UPS Ground instead of UPS Two-day. We will only do the later if the substituted service will meet your 2-day expectations.

When a Shipment Gets Damaged

In the case of truck shipping, it's really important the items damaged it identified at the time of delivery. Often damage can be concealed and in those situations won't be able to tell it's damaged at the time of delivery. Please try to identify any damage as soon as you can. If an item arrives damaged or is lost by the shipping company, please contact us immediately. Save all packaging in case of an insurance claim of damaged products. The more information we have (pictures, etc) the easier it is to correct the situation. 

What if I Change My Mind?

If you change your mind after placing an order, you can cancel the order if you notify us before we have shipped it. This isn't always a gaurentee but we'll try!

Exact Delivery Dates

We get our items out quick but if you have a mission critical delivery date, please let us know. In the course of a busy business day alongside forces outside of our control, Open Yard, LLC cannot guarantee delivery by a certain date. If an order is time-sensitive (you need it by a certain date), please contact us directly to get an estimate of delivery. Shipping carriers may require a signature. If no one is available to receive the package, the carrier may leave a note. They will likely attempt re-delivery on the next business day, or allow for pickup at their facility.

Sensible Free Shipping

This is a touchy subject for us. Free is free, right?? We love free shipping and many items on our site are "free shipping" but sometimes when a delivery location is an outlier ( on an island, on top of a mountain, difficult driveway, deep in the forest, requires a ferry boat, Alaska, Hawaii ) and "free shipping" isn't so simple but please continue reading!  Sometimes in these situations we may budget $20-40 to ship and item but the cost to send the item to your home is $100-200 or a  lot more. Often in these situation we'll "just do it" - Nike. Basically, if you believe your address is questionable for free shipping please call and ask about your Free Shipping status. If free shipping doesn't quite work out, we'll get you a discount on shipping. IF we feel your shipping address can't quality for free-shipping, we'll stress a little bit over it ourselves before contacting you as soon as possible with options. Rest assured, 99.9% of orders with free shipping will ship free. This is just here to protect ourselves from these odd free shipping situations we've seen throughout the years. Below are some picture of locations where free shipping might not apply.

house on an island house in the desert house in the farms steep drivewayferry housesnowy road house

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