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Kwik Goal Specialty Nets.

Here is a cheat sheet to find the Kwik Goal Net SKU that will fit your training frame, rebounder and backstop systems.

5'H x 15'W x 0'D x 5'B:

  • 3B6923

5'H x 10'W x 0'D x 5'B:

  • 3B342

4'H x 12'W x 0'D x 4'B:

  • 3B6922

3'H x 4'W x 0'D x 3'B:

  • 3B6921
  • 3B7220

Kwik Goal AFR-1 Rebounder 7'H x 14'W:

  • 3B804

Kwik Goal AFR-2 Rebounder 5'H x 10'W:

  • 3B806

Kwik Goal Kwik Back Rebounder 5'4"H x 4'W:

  • 3A2

Kwik Goal Multi Sport Backstop 14'H x 65'W:

  • 3E401

Kwik Goal Soccer Backstop 20'H x 65'W:

  • 3B286

Kwik Goal Portable Backstop 15'H x 60'W:

  • 3B4901

Kwik Goal Soccer Tennis 2'8"'H x 10'W:

  • 3B6701

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