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Soccer Goal Anchors

The Challenges

The challenges in keeping soccer goals properly anchored have not changed significantly over the years. The biggest challenge in keeping soccer goals properly anchored in the United States is the fact that soccer is usually played on fields that accommodate multiple sports, like football, lacrosse and field hockey.  In many situations, soccer goals are moved on and off the field on a daily basis for practice and matches, which requires the anchors to be removed and re-installed each time.

A second major challenge in achieving a higher overall goal anchor rate is the yearly volunteer turnover that takes place at the youth soccer level, where new club members need to be educated every year about the importance of proper goal anchoring and safe goal storage.

Finally, the recent growth of artificial playing surfaces has posed new hurdles to the goal anchoring dilemma. Fear of damaging expensive playing surfaces, coupled with sometimes unrealistic artificial turf manufacturer’s warranties has reduced the options for anchoring goals on artificial playing surfaces. Kwik Goal is at the forefront of the research and development of anchors meant for artificial playing surfaces.

Choosing the Right Anchor

The three main factors in determining the correct anchor choice for any goal are

1.       Anticipated Goal Usage - semi-permanent v. portable.

2.       Type of Playing Surface - grass v. artificial turf.

3.       Soil Type of Grass Fields - sand v. loam v. clay.

Goals anchored in concrete will be less portable than above ground models, but are the safest option.

If any questions remain about what anchor choice is correct for your situation, consult with your specific goal’s manufacturer. For example, an anchor designed for a goal weighing 225 lbs. may not be suitable for a goal weighing 425 lbs.

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