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  • European Club Goals by Kwik Goal
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  • Kwik Goal Anchor Weight Requirements

    Below is a chart to help you determine how many anchor bags you may need for your soccer goals. Weight is a big factor but so is goal design as well as other factors, such as league requirements.

  • Raise the Roof

    Yes, we've got some new tools but we also elevated our ability to focus on you.. the customer.

  • Soccer Goal for your Club

    Depending on your club and its relationship with other area teams, you might want to consider other equipment specifications and requirements as well as your own.

  • Juventus Sport Club

    Juventus Sport Club will host the 6th Annual Coppa d'Oro tournament, in Redwood City and surrounding cities, December 7-8, 2013

  • Soccer Goal Anchors

    The challenges in keeping soccer goals properly anchored have not changed significantly over the years.

  • ASTM + Soccer Standards

    This standard provides manufacturers with safety and performance requirements for the making of soccer goals, which addresses accidental goal tip-over.


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